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Our purpose
is to be
with what we do.


We work in senior management offering effective tools that are immediately applicable so that the messages are clear, irrefutable and impactful. 


We have experience in training CEOs, directors, teamwork, opinion leaders, politicians, entrepreneurs, professional artists in face-to-face or virtual format.


We are part of the EMBA teaching team (Master of Business at the Universidad Austral Argentina), providing training in comprehensive professional communication.


We are invited to participate as trainers by the IDB (Inter-American Development Bank) in the "Program for Emerging Women Leaders in Politics".

an impulse
to performance.


Where is born

We develop teamwork with members from different disciplines: neuroscience, linguistics, art and innovation with the purpose of increasing the probability of success in solving communication and business problems, stimulating creativity and rapid learning in those who participate in the process. of work.

In Company

We offer creative workshops for senior management and teams through a face-to-face system and online platforms.

  • Strategies for problem solving.

  • Strategic communication.

  • Effective presentations.

  • Communication with impact.

  • Individual and team training.

  • Creativity and leadership.

Leader VIP

 We sophisticate talent through skills and  agile tools that optimize interaction and provide unlimited possibilities.


We stimulate creativity and innovation of ideas so that you can achieve personal and professional goals.

  • Intensive Mentoring in VIP Leadership.

  • Development plan.

  • Assertiveness at communication levels.

  • Negotiation strategies and conversations.

High Performance
Team Workshop

A high-performing team​ delivers exceptional results time after time, regardless of the challenges they face. 

They are admired and respected throughout their organizations because they repeatedly exceed expectations.

It takes a lot of effort to reach the stage of high performance. Its results are due to the sustained effort of committed people, both in the team and by its leaders.

We managed to align the teams so that they have the ability to work effectively in pursuit of the same strategic objectives set by the organization's leaders.

  • Cohesion and strategy.

  • Development of a high performance team.

  • Roles of the members.

  • Communication, trust and psychological security.

  • Creativity and how to capitalize on it.

  • Talent development detection.

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Founding Partner | Executive Director

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Founding Partner | Chairwoman

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